April 18th, 2004.

A girl fell for a guy. Smittened by his charm. Two became best friends and hung out everyday.
One Sunday afternoon, he took her for a ride. He was fancy with all his speedy cars. They parked infront of a Best Buy and chit chatted away.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.
And so it begins..

7 years later;
After their separate Father's day festivities,  he asked her if she wanted  to go for a ride down south to test their luck at the casino. Of course she felt lucky. While cruising in his car, without a clue, he slipped the ring on to her finger.  Tears of joy flowing down her cheeks, he asked her to marry him... She said YES and then again..

A ride of a lifetime began.


Two years later,

A beautiful baby girl came into their lives and completely changed their life forever..

The best thing that could ever happen to them...

And their story continues  

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