Something new and exciting is happening in our life right now, and I cannot wait to share it to the world. 

2014 is going to be fabulous. ❤️

Two of our close friends got engaged this past weekend. In our culture we do engagement ceremonies to assure both families that the wedding is coming. This past weekend I got to experience a mix of both cultures. Vietnamese and Laotian combined. It was beautiful, I loved every minute of it. It's a new
chapter of their lives and I'm so grateful to be apart of their story.

One of my besties had surgery over the weekend. It wasn't any broken bone or anything along that lines, but surgery to remove her cancer. Upon entering the hospital, I felt so uncomfortable. I hate hospitals. It makes me feel uneasy inside. Even walking down the empty halls to her room, gave me a nauseous feeling. I prepped myself to see her. Knowing myself, I could've drop loads of tears but I held strong. To see a loved one undergo surgery for something as scary as cancer is very scary. Happy thoughts had to be there, happy happy happy thoughts. I smiled as much as I could. Just to let her know everything will be okay. If she wasn't worried, I shouldn't either. I could sense some of the girls had the same feelings I held inside. We couldn't do anything but be there in her presence for support.
I have good girlfriends. Really good ones.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever!
Always been and always will be, a daddy's girl. He will be and always will be the #1 man in my life.

Sometimes when I think back about life I wish I had taken more pictures. Documented memories of life that cannot be erased.

Note to self;

Take more pictures. Little things, big things. Just take pictures. Take as many as possible. Take more with loved ones.

They are the reason that I am here today. 

What I've learned in the last 25 years is that, anytime your parents ask you to do something.. you do it. Anytime they ask you to hang out, go eat, shopping, whatever it is, you do it. 

Hug them goodbye when you leave, and give em a kiss on the cheek any chance you get.